40 winks wouldn't hurt…

31 Aug

Sigh. I’m losing my long term battle with a great enemy: sleep.

I remember back in the day, when I fought long and hard to stay awake in my GCSE English and Geography lessons. I still remember my teachers, Mr. Hayes and Mr. Lewis, both immensely knowledgeable in their respective fields, but by God were they boring. My handwriting isn’t bad, but you couldn’t tell by looking at my English and Geo work. Words would randomly crop up on the wrong line, scribbles, the last letter of words stretching to the end of the page as if was trying out a very elaborate signature. All this because I kept falling asleep in the middle of writing.

Now at work, the same happens again. All I do is stare at the computer screen all day, googling and researching, googling some more and reading. It doesn’t help that my colleagues don’t talk much. I need to talk sometimes people! To communicate… socialize. Argh!

Today, since coming to work, I’ve only spoken twice. “Thank you” to the doorman at my office building and “Cha Siu Fan please” at a local café.

Just 2 more minutes and I can work my jaw muscles again. I get to see Mr. Doorman again! Highlight of the day 😀


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