31 Aug


The names Michael, call me Mike or whatever you like (apart from Mickey or Mick – eugh!).

Soooo… first of all, welcome! This blog will just be my random musings on me life, be it as uninteresting as it may be. I would like to keep some sort of log of my life, seeing as according to my mum, I have the memory of a sieve.

A little about me? Just graduated in UK with a degree in economics (yawn..), now working in Hong Kong 🙂 HK is an exciting, bustling city, and I would just love to find all the little secrets of this amazing city. I’ve visit my family probs every year when I was in UK, and even lived here for several years back in the day, but things change so fast here and I feel like a stranger.

So with this blog, I will record my journeys through HK, and other travels abroad (I ❤ traveling!), music & movies, and my current obsession: korean music and entertainment ^^

Hope you will all stop by often, see whats up whats up. Don’t be a stranger ^^


One Response to “welcome!”

  1. Carey September 9, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

    You’ve put together a really nice collection of random musings here! I enjoyed reading them. Nice job!

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