4minute vs f(x)

3 Sep

Alritey then.

Just finished watching the newly released MVs, Lachata by f(x) and Muzik by 4minute.

f(x) is a brand spanking new girl group from SM entertainment, supposedly a female version of SHINee.  If they really do produce the same kind of music as SHINee, I will be a happy laddy, cuz although quite frankly, SHINee looks like a bunch of wussies (imo anyway, fangirls don’t kill me ^^) with their skinny pants and their silky dance sets, they pack some awesome vocals and good, RnB style songs.

Lachata was disappointing.  First, the word Lachata doesn’t exist.  At least with something like Rainism or Mirotic, there was a proper meaning behind it.  Lachata is just a “catchy term of exclamation.”  Erm…. whuttt?  Second, the song is slightly tedious.  It doesn’t show their vocal skills, nor is it very catchy.  At least the girls were lookin hottttt in the MV. And they’re wearing dark, more mature style of clothing! No bright pants or funky hair.  Nice to see a group wearing clothes you would actually wear out onto the street without being embarrassed.

Muzik for me, was a better track.  Although by no means the best track on their first mini album, For Muzik. 안줄래 (Won’t Give You) and What A Girl Wants are my favs, my kinda style~  The MV was aiiight, but HyunA has fugly hair, Bulma (dragonballz) style ><  Why mess with something that wasn’t broken?

(Vids courtesy of urasiansourcekpop on youtube)

If 4minute keep producing songs like Won’t Give You… then call me a fan.  And if f(x) turn up the heat and produce SHINee style songs (the slower, RnB style ones.. not crap like Juliette!), then I’m a lucky guy: Good Tunes + Hot Girls = Win.

Can they compete with 2NE1? I don’t think so since 2NE1 are on fire! (see what i did there? eh? eh eh?)

Don’t worry Dara, I won’t cheat on you with these newbies ^^


2 Responses to “4minute vs f(x)”

  1. kfan September 3, 2009 at 2:56 pm #

    F(x) isn’t supposed to be the female SHINee …you got your info wrong xD
    “Crystal” who hasn’t debut yet is shinee’s counterpart ^^

    • qoobie23 September 3, 2009 at 3:15 pm #

      Oh really? my bad ^^ Just got that idea from my daily browsing. But they sure have a similar ‘silky smooth octopus legs’ dancing style with SHINee. Looking forward to their 1st Album… Lachata just doesn’t do justice to their abilities!

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