jaebum – keep yur head up boyyyyy

7 Sep

The ‘netizens’ who are on this campaign to ruin Jaebum (2PM Leadahhhh) are crazy.  I already thought most netizens are crazy, but this just reaffirms my thinking.  Jaebum might of said some nasty shiz on his myspace, but that was freakin 4 years ago, in America, as a hormone raging teen.

I wanna see all those netizens who critised Jay shipped off to UK or some place similar, and see how they react.  I’ve met loads of international students in UK, be them korean, chinese, russian etc etc, and 99% of them all said how much “UK sucks the dogs bollox” (at least the first couple of months/years they were here anyway… some went on to loving it).

So criticizing the comments that Jay made after one of his first visits to korea  is simply retarded.  Its all good though in the end, the groups still together, now they got more time to work on their first full length album, and making a comeback  (in October?) to shut all those haters up.

Now I won’t get to see 2PM acting like jokers on Wild Bunny and other shows >< Them fools are hilarious! One of the ‘realest’ groups in Korea for sure.

On a happier note, Dara released her first digital single, “Kiss”. Yay!! ^_^


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