jaebum escaping the land of the crazy netizens

8 Sep

They were just words and ramblings of a teenager in a foreign land, yet netizens would go so far as to sign a ‘suicide petition’ for Jaebum.  These netizens are freaks and I’m pretty sure most of them have a strain of mental disorder.

Freakin sucks for Jaebum. Seeing all that hate after he’s worked so hard the past several years has forced him to announce that he is quitting 2PM.  A sad sad day for korean entertainment.  Netizens have been the focal issues in the past, and some previous suicides of korean entertainers as the direct result of the crazy netizens.

Isn’t there laws to restrict them? Sure, freedom of speech bla bla etc etc but what they say and do is abuse and defamation.  In most developed countries, you could be sued for that.

After all this blows over, they’ll realise no one wins in this.  2PM loses out of a great talent and leader.  JYP loses an integral part of 2PM.  Korean music industry loses out on one of their rising talents/entertainer, and korean culture proves to be as isolating and unforgiving to ‘foreigners’ as ever.

Netizens lose out by proving they are still assholes.


4 Responses to “jaebum escaping the land of the crazy netizens”

  1. izzie October 3, 2009 at 11:02 am #

    OMFG. i was lurking online and i found this blog. you are a 2pm fan ? and you are a guy ? omg i love you already ~ wanna be friends? ..on another note, i agree 2PM loses out a great leader. In my opinion, Jay is 2PM’s soul..i hope he will comeback soon to his brothers. My time is still stuck at 1:59PM T.T..

    • qoobie23 October 3, 2009 at 3:34 pm #

      welcome !

      yeah i like 2PM, but only really after i watched Idol Army (when they were hosting it), then Again & Again… and finally Wild Bunny. i really didnt like 10 out of 10, i thought it was a really annoying track so i didn’t give their other songs on the first album a try, but now I really like Angel.

      they are really cool dudes, so real, and unpretentious, unlike most other ‘idols’.

      i agree… 2PM will never be the same again if Jay doesnt return.. he was such a joker! he kinda like… embodies the whole 2PM spirit, so carefree, real, ‘hiphop’, street. but for some reason, i think he will return in a few months. there will always be some crazy netizens who hate him from now on, but the number of supporters far outweigh them~

      omg sorry im rambling.. just dont get anyone commenting on here usually ^^

      drop by whenever you can! i dont put all kpop news (cuz sookyeong K-bites is all you need – do you go there for yur kpop updates?) but i’ll just blog about the things that really interest me ^^

  2. izzie October 3, 2009 at 5:40 pm #

    i agree, he will def return cuz he is too talented to be wasted and jype is def not stupid..maybe once the issue have settled down..its too hot at the moment.netizens and fans should really stop with the millions of conspiracies theories and so on too -_-;

    i follow many blogs for news..dramabeans,allkpop,kbites,seoulbeats,omtd,omgkpop not to mention those fansites where they focus solely on specific artistes too (eugh~reading kpop news takes too much time dont you think? there’s like millions of updates everyday..their ent industry move too fast)

    i shall be your regular blog commenter XD

    • qoobie23 October 4, 2009 at 1:40 am #

      currently, my daily browsing include kbites, allkpop and seoulbeats. i’ve been a member on allkpop for a loooong time (user name mk23), 2 years i think, before they became really big and just had a few writers and a couple of dozen visitors. i still visit there all the time just cuz the news updates are usually ridiculously fast and up-to-date, but some of the writers imo try too hard to be funny, and pervy. i LOVED some of their old writers and the ‘pervy’ writing style, when it seemed natural. some of the newer writers seem to replicate that style, trying to write in a style that isn’t their norm. and now allkpop is so big (im happy for them) but the forums are flooded with much younger kids and a lot of deranged fan girls and fan boys… i just can’t be bothered to read all the hundreds of comments that every piece of news gets nowaydays.. my comments are just lost in the flood!

      i do like kbites though… and seoulbeats for a bit of fun.

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