13 Sep

…feel lonely ><

Adjustment to this city isn’t going as fast as I hoped.

If I can’t adapt to this, how can I work abroad, or live alone?

C’mon man… gotta take control of my own life.


3 Responses to “i…”

  1. izzie October 3, 2009 at 6:00 pm #

    ah. i didnt backtrack your blog yet so i am not sure how long have you been in HK.. i understand your situation tho. i was transferred to another city for work (been here 11 months now) and i’m still not adjusting to it.

    i don’t have friends (only acquaintances..not like, REAL friends), didn’t go out much (didn’t even bother) and i’m spending waaay too much money on long distance calls to my friends (everyday). i dont think its cuz i cant adapt tho..more like i am refusing to adapt (for reasons i dont know..^^;) to this new place and craving to go elsewhere.

    the good thing is that my mom is pretty happy i ‘changed’ ..staying home, didnt go out till late anymore, didnt drink anymore, pretty much homely nowadays..a sharp contrast from my previous life before the move. LOL.

    are you in HK permanently?

    • qoobie23 October 4, 2009 at 2:10 am #

      been in HK only 11 weeks, and been working for 6.

      i know its still early days, but HK isnt new to me… i have a lot of family here, i’ve come here every year in the past and previously lived here for a few years. the thing is, i decided to come back to HK after graduating in search of a more exciting lifestyle. but at the moment, my routine is go to work, come back home at 8, dinner, maybe play basketball if i dont feel tired from work, do my daily browsing and watch my US TV and korean subbed vids like Family Outing.

      i dont like to go clubbing or bars without a group of good friends, which i lack at the moment. i only have one friend who i can call anytime cuz i’ve known her way back in school in UK and she came over after grad too. but even so i’m not super close to her. still struggling to meet new people – so far, i’m having not much luck at work. my colleagues keep to themselves, even though i do my best to mix it up. i’ll give it time, but im really missing my best friends who i left behind. i talk to them everyday also… but i know if i just meet one good person who i like, maybe have similar interests or backgrounds, then things will be a lot smoother.

      hopefully.. it won’t take too long. HK seemed to be the perfect place for me – but adapting is a bitch 😀

      yes – i’m in HK permanently. where abouts in the world are you? hope you settle into your transfer city soon!

  2. izzie October 4, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

    I’m currently in Malaysia ~ yeah i hope i will settle down soon ^^; i should put more effort i guess.Similar to you, i just need to find one person that i click with. but its kinda hard as even my colleagues say that i’m a bit different from the people over here (in term of interest, way of thinking,the way i talk, attitude ^^;) so i might have difficulties to get someone who don’t think i’m weird or whatever -_-;. strangely, i’m actually familiar with this current city too..but i was away for so long for studies + work so i guess i change? hm..i don’t know =(..oh yeah, happy mid-autumm festival!

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