mblaq & b2st

12 Oct

argh… Monday. Anyway…

[M]usic [B]oys [L]ive in [A]bsolute [Q]uality …    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. engrish much?
20091011_MBLAQrainsconcert_2It seems one of the members got replaced by wifey’s lil bro – “Chundoong”.  Dude looks identical to his sister Sandara!  Just give him some crazy locks or pineapple hair and you won’t be able to tell the diff between them.


When I found out that B2ST stood for Boys to Search for Top, my first thought was: “Whuuut? You can find him in Big Bang”

credit: rainyyonme

New teaser … looking good. Many peeps commenting they’re copying Big Bang (their original look) and 2PM.  Hey… BB only just copied they style from thousands/millions of other hip hop artists in the West.

Hopefully, the music B2ST releases will continue AJ’s style, his mini album was tight, especially the track 눈물을 닦고.

Good luck to both groups!


2 Responses to “mblaq & b2st”

  1. izzie October 12, 2009 at 5:56 pm #

    don’t forget Shu-I’s [S]o [H]ot the [U]nion of [I]dols ..wtf much? lol it seem like we are back to the 90s with the names >.< (er..remember High Five Of Teenagers aka H.O.T?) I like B2ST's street teaser.So many boybands coming up. B2ST and MBLAQ have the most potential to survive so far tho.

  2. qoobie23 October 12, 2009 at 9:02 pm #

    hahaha . How hard is it to get someone to check the english in the lyrics and band names?!

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