oh yeah bad girl ring my ding dong

14 Oct


So I’ve listened to the new tracks which were released today.

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong20091011_shineeringdingdong_572

Hugely disappointing… The auto-tune was so freakin annoying.  It wasn’t even used in moderation, the producers just decided to auto-tune all their voices. Auto-tune + Repetition = Headache.

I’ve read comments that people loved this track after a few listens, but not me. Really hope the rest of the album fares better… props to them attempting a new style, but new does not necessary mean good… stick to your strength boys!


mblaq-just blaq -coverPrevious post already had my opinion of the MV and first track, Oh Yeah.  Apart from the mass repetition, decent first single imo.

The other 2 tracks, G.O.O.D Luv and My Dream, are pretty good, but nothing special.  Potential is definitely there though.


Album started off with a slick intro.  2nd track was their first single, Bad Girl, which was completely different to the style they’ve promoted/portrayed so far: Hip Hop.  But it is pretty catchy…  Fortunately, the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint, especially 아직은 and Oasis, which have a very nice RnB feel to it, which is my genre of choice.

They really remind me of a combo of old school Big Bang and 2PM… which i’m aight with since they’re 2 of my fav groups ^_^

Out of the 3 releases, I liked BEAST the most. How about you?


2 Responses to “oh yeah bad girl ring my ding dong”

  1. izzie October 15, 2009 at 2:15 pm #

    i liked beast’s album the most but shinee’s song is stuck in my head..its so silly that its darn catchy.Honestly, they all don’t really appeal to me much for now…>.<..i only listened once and that's it. I'm currently listening to 'you're beautiful' (the ost) instead ^^;..pretty songs.

    • qoobie23 October 16, 2009 at 10:39 am #

      yeah.. the more i listen to MBLAQ and BEAST’s albums, the more ‘average’ they sounded. they try so hard to be ‘different’, but forget that quality is what counts. and the engrish, omg. its in every BEAST track. i thought, “can’t they get one english sentence right???”. but then i remembered they’re from the same company as 4minute. if you’re in the same company as a group called ‘4minute’, you’re gonna get major engrishy problems…

      they are still in my playlist tho, its a nice change to listen to guys singing after the overdose of girl groups (although i LOVE Lady Collection’s album!!!)

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