kpop i missed out on: 4men

4 Nov

As some of you may recall, my first post about Kpop I missed out on was Brown Eyed Soul.  I liked them so much I went to 10 diff record shops here to find there albums.  Sadly, I could only find their most recent album in the shops (kinda hard to purchase non-idol kpop here in Hong Kong…)

Anyhoooo, during my recent rather illegal download sprees online listening, I came across 4men. I’ve seen ppl comment about how “legendary” they were, that they are one of the best vocal groups in Korea, but I never actual listened to any of their material.  They released a mini album a few days ago, and although it only contain 3 full length songs, their vocals and harmony, soul and rhythm, was ahhhmazing.  They have a similar style to Brown Eyed Soul and Fly to the Sky, my favourite kinda music~


I need to go digging for their old albums and some more info about them.  I assume one member has left, otherwise they must be seriously retarded to name a trio as 4men.

Anyone out there can recommend me their best songs?

If you haven’t heard of them, go check them out! NOW!



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