ninja qoobie

29 Nov

Watched Ninja Assassin today.  I had pretty low expectations going into the cinema, as I’ve read some of the reviews.  I came out pleasantly surprised.

If you keep an open mind on the: overuse of CGI blood, the choppy editing, and the amazingly cheesy , and sometimes comedic dialogue, the cliche’d story, the obligatory inter-racial love story which was really not needed, and the numerous plot holes… keep an open mind, and it’s a good popcorn flick.


Whilst many kpop fans are giving rave reviews on Rain‘s performance, I still found his engrish accent very evident.  It seems that Rain just doesn’t have a knack for the language, compared to fellow k-celebs such as Lee Byung Hyun and BoA.  However, his martial arts skills belied his pop singer origins, and he did a great job on the action scenes.

Ninja Assassin might have many faults, but go into the cinema and enjoy it for what it is.  A film that shows off some great action scenes full of gratuitious violence.

It’s a film about ninjas.  How can it suck?


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