golden disk awards

10 Dec

Been following the 24th Golden Disk Awards (Korean Grammys kinda).

Exciting stuff!  Actually not sure if the show is finished yet, but so far, this is definitely SME’s night.  SuJu has already won 4 awards, including the Daesangs.  SNSD and SHINee won too.  Whilst I’m a big YG fan, SuJu deserved the awards.  They had a massive year with Sorry Sorry and It’s You.  Same with SNSD and their GEE and Tell Me Your Wish.  What did surprise me however was no award for 2NE1, as they definitely owned the second half of 2009.  Anyway, good show overall – much more exciting and glamorous then the MAMAs to be honest.

Son Dambi looked stunning – but what did she kill in order to get that atrocity that is hanging off her?!

“HyunA shii – what are you in this evening?”
“My bathing suit! TeeHee ^_^”

The tramp, the hobo, the dork, and mini Crown J

Legs Legs Leggity Legs. *giggle*

Looking good guys.

A lot of awesome performances this evening, like SuJu, SNSD, Davichi, Son Dambi, Epik High..

I’ll just post this badass performance by 2PM to whet your appetite, go find the rest on youtube! BTW, check out how they freak the shit out of some of the other singers 😀

HyunA and Jiyoon were so cute, dancing along to Heartbeat!  I know I rag on HyunA a lot, but after watching her on Invincible Youth, she’s mega adorable and innocent. Although she’s supposed to be an entertainer, it’s still a shame she has to put on a front and act so slutty/overtly sexy when performing.


3 Responses to “golden disk awards”

  1. janeberryblue January 11, 2010 at 12:42 pm #

    omg… i think 2pm managed to freak hyuna out the most.
    so i’m guessing you’re not really digging “change” then?? i personally thought that there’s WAY TOO MUCH pelvic thrusting for a minor 😛
    but yea, i totally love her in IY

    btw, soshi look so angelic in white. they should only wear white~~

    • qoobie23 January 13, 2010 at 9:11 am #

      i’ve changed my mind about hyunA. sure, her rap voice is a little bit whiny. sure, the image she puts out is really slutty. but dammmmn she’s so hot, i’ve actually developed an ‘ignore-age’ function in my brain so i don’t feel guilty

      • janeberryblue January 16, 2010 at 5:38 am #

        “ignore-age” function?? you are just asking for chris hansen to come after you !

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