kpop freakonomics?!?!

17 Jun

As I majored in Economics and my current job is related to economics, I occasionally visit the Freakonomics website (BTW, if you haven’t read Freakonomics, please do, excellent book – even if you don’t have a clue or don’t like economics!).

And what did I see on the blog? Mention of SNSD, 4minute, Kara, After School !

In response to the sinking of one of its ships, South Korea recently erected speakers along its demilitarized zone with North Korea — to be used for propaganda broadcasts.  A South Korean newspaper reports that the government is also considering using “songs and music videos by manufactured girl bands such as Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, After School, Kara and 4minute in so-called psychological warfare against North Korea.” Wonder if they’ve considered Barry Manilow?

Whilst thas been reported before,  I would never have imagined that a leading economist would actually blog about it. The power of Hallyu is boundless…


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