3 weeks – I'm dedicated

30 Sep

Work has been a bitch. 3 weeks without a new post, but who can blame me? After the 2NE1 release, the Kpop world has been relatively boring. Sure, my wife BoA released her repackaged album, Copy & Paste. After the initial orgasm of having new BoA songs to listen to, Copy & Paste was rather boring. It’s strange that an uptempo song can be boring, it just felt like it goes on an on. There’s no climax or killer note. I couldn’t even differentiate the chorus from the verses at first listen. I liked I’m OK more. Written by Wheesung, it’s got a summer feel. Um.. but summer is over? Whatever. It sounds decent.

2 other big releases were mini albums by Miss A and BEAST. What can I say about their new songs? I think they are both have potential to be great Kpop groups, but the new songs don’t really do anything for me. The first word that springs to mind when describing the songs is ‘nice’. Not great, or badass, or orgasmic, but ‘nice’. No track really stands out, but they’re not terrible. I’d listen to Miss A’s Step Up more. Partly due to a past picture of Min, which now always springs to mind when listening to their songs. Breasts always make a song sound better – it’s a scientific fact.

This picture inspires me to do great things.  Because of this great shot of Min, I’m going to start a “Picture of the Day” feature. Every day, I will post a picture or photo of anything that has piques my interest. Could be a photo of beautiful scenery, delicious food, a funny caption, or something Kpop related. Should liven my blog a bit. I anticipate that BoA and Hyori will be featured a lot. You can thank me later.

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