A Great Start to 2011

3 Jan

First off, Happy New Year! I spent the 2010-2011 transition in the lovely city of Taipei. I’ll put up some pictures later when I have a bit of spare time.

Now into 2011, the land of Kpop is heating up the winter with some very exciting releases in January. Just on the top of my head, we have Seungri, Infinite, DBSK, MBLAQ, One Way, JOO, Secret, G.NA, all returning with brand spanking new music. I’ll try and jot down my thoughts on some of the worthy releases later. But I’ve now heard tracks from Infinite, MBLAQ, One Way and DBSK, and I’ve loving it. All of it. Ooooh I’m in a very happy place right now and think it’s going to be a great year for Kpop. For the record, I thought 2010 was not a stellar year for Kpop. BIG (bang) things for 2011 though!

On another note, I purchased my copy of GD&TOP (I chose the GOLD version – cuz I’m hip hop). I was going to post up some pictures of the included booklet, but you can find plenty of other blogs with pretty scans e.g. McRoth’s. I also got around to buying Utada’s 2nd Singles Collection. I only started listening to Jpop and Utada last year so I’ve been playing catch up for a long time, so these collection albums are great. Head on over to Chaotic Dusk for in-depth reviews of Utada’s releases!


3 Responses to “A Great Start to 2011”

  1. mcroth January 3, 2011 at 7:27 am #

    Where’d you buy your copy?! I didn’t have a choice on the color 😛

    Anyway, I absolutely agree with you – 2011 has kicked off with a bang! I’m thoroughly enjoying things so far. Especially GD&TOP and HoMin’s “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” I’ve abused replay for hours on that thing!

    Very excited for 2011. I’m hoping people bring it this year 😀

  2. qoobie23 January 3, 2011 at 7:58 am #

    Living in HK has its benefits – easy access to Western, Chinese, Korean and Japanese music at the local HMV ^^

    I listened to HoMin’s track 6 times today, and I’m not even a big DBSK fan. Music = Love!

    • mcroth January 3, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

      I should have remembered! I read that somewhere on your blog xD

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