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i have a white wish for boa

29 Oct

BoA released her PV for ~white wishes~ today.

Nothing extravagent, but she looks stunning! She really can make any hairstyle look good~

But what’s with the sudden costume change in the last 20 seconds? She’s wearing the same jacket as the one Ha Ji Won wore at Tablo’s wedding. 2 of my fav ladies sharing clothes?

Me likey


bommie, big bang, and a whole lotta music

29 Oct

It’s been a week of exciting releases this week. Actually, the past month has been epic!

Releases these couple of days:

Park Bom – “You & I”
First solo single from the lead vocalist of 2NE1.  I’ve followed her for quite a while, since her Anycall days and featurings on Big Bang’s first couple of singles.  “You & I” is a very solid single. The Teddy produced track however reminds me of Taeyang’s “Where U At”.  No bad thing though.

The MV is really sweet and colourful, which I didn’t expect.  Bommie seems to only have one expression… I still love her though ! ^_^

Big Bang – Koe Wo Kikasete (3rd Japanese Single)
omfg I LOVE this song. Now i’m a huge YG/BB/2NE1 fan so I may come across slightly bias, but woaaaah this song is by far their best Japanese release.  A really smooth sound, with an emphasis on TY. Non of that auto-tune/electro crap which they’ve been putting out for most of their Japanese releases.

Seo In Gook – 1st EPSeo In Gook
This dude is the winner of Mnet’s Superstar K.  I haven’t followed the show at all.  The EP has only 3 songs, but all have a great rnb vibe.  His voice is not particularly special, I could name a dozen male korean artists who I would rather listen to singing these tracks. Nonetheless, its a very good debut, and I’ll look out for him in the future.

There’s loads of other new/recent releases that should be checked out if you have similar taste of music to me.. i just don’t have enough time to review them .. got back from work at 11pm tonight.. *sigh* >_<

A mini album by Lyn, new duo December’s debut album, 4minute releasing the MV for “What a Girl Wants”, SeeYa‘s first album after the whole Nam Gyuri fiasco, Mighty Mouth‘s “Smile”, Verbal Jint.

And for non-korean music, there’s Brian McKnight’s amazing “Evolution of a Man”, Joss Stone‘s “Colour Me Free!”, and for c-pop fans, G.E.M Tang’s long awaited debut LP “18”.

I just recently bought a 64Gb iPod Touch cuz I had way too much music for my 16Gb one, but now I’m starting to run out of space again. arghh.. gotta love music 😀

whats new in the music scene?

14 Oct

New Section!!!  Check out my UPCOMING MUSIC RELEASES! page at the top of this site.

Share your opinions and recommendations.



omg MBLAQ, BEAST (B2ST) and SHINee have all just released their mini albums (single in SHINee’s case) today.  No chance to listen to them as at work now… (yet I have time to post haha ^_^).

Will update later with my impressions!  Post yours too!

october – new music month!

8 Oct

I’m gonna be a broke ass chigga after this month.  So many albums out/coming out and new, promising artists releasing this month – LeeSsang, wifey BoA, Dynamic Duo, Wheesung, Taeyang, Lady Collection (<3 Ji Eun), MBLAQ, B2ST – just to name a few.  R. Kelly and Brian McKnight (finally!) out next week too.

There’s a lot of trash (i.e. the many artists who jumped on the euro-dance, electro-pop and auto-tune bandwagon) being released by Korean artists.  But when they release new tracks through mini-albums and digital singles so frequently, there’s bound to be some gems, and if you’re lucky, they have originality and creativity.  It’s not just a Korean trend;  it’s the same for the HK/China music scene.

These idols are freakin machines!  If R. Kelly released a track every couple of weeks, I’m sure he’d finally run out metaphors for sex.

Can’t wait to get home, and listen to some Vocalate ~

bump bump! i want HD mvs!

7 Oct


BoA recently released her newest japanese single, Bump Bump! ft. m-flo, and I absolutely love it.  Well, I’m biased, since BoA was the reason why my interest in k-pop/entertainment turned hardcore.  The MV for her single was hot ~ And the song addictive (loved the sax) – so much better then her imo dissapointing American debut.

Anyone know where I can get a HQ/HD download of the MV?

I got a box of tissues ready.

BoA-Bump Bump

(The tissue is for my cold, you sickos)