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Not bad

17 Apr

SHE IS HOT. And as revealing as you’re gonna get in a non x-rated korean video (yet in the west, you’d see 12 year olds who go to school showing more skin, and lets not even start with attention whores like Tila Tequila)

Check out this hot stuff. Especially at 0.18secs … mmmm… finger up the nose. Kinky.

But in all seriousness, Shin Se Kyung (recently seen in High Kick Through the Roof) has got it going on, and mad props for the camera man… he knows how to work that camera.

And who’s the crazy interviewer at the end? Rapping, breakdancing, college humour… the new member to complete 2PM?


shining inheritance

4 Jan

Ack! It’s not available on aja-aja! And there are broken links on

Where to watch?…

I have Return of Iljimae to tide me over, and I l definitely watch God of Study when subs are out.  Maybe Pasta, since I like cooking.