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map the swine

29 Nov

In the past week, 9 Korean celebrities have be struck by swine flu.  They attract the flu like Edward Cullen attracts hormone crazy, obviously blind, fan girls (and the occasional fan boy).

So why are Korean celebs so prone to catching the ‘oinkz’?

7th September, SS501 leader and part-time flower boy Kim Hyun Joong is the first k-celeb (as far as I know) to be diagnosed with swine flu. Oh noes.  Where/who did he get it from?  The answer lies in Hong Kong.  Hyun Joong was spotted in HK with a couple of ladies around 18th August outside a bar.  As everyone knows, HK is like a playground for flu and pandemics in the past decade.  No doubt one of the ladies passed it on when they were getting their kimchi on.

Since then, almost 20 k-celebs have caught the virus:

14th October, K.Will
27th October, 2AM Jo Kwon
3rd November, Gavy NJ’s maknae Noh Shi Hyun
6th November, 2AM Jinwoon
7th November, SHINee Onew
10th November, Lee Seung Gi
19th November, Queen Seon Duk’s Kim Nam Gil
22nd November, Queen Seok Duk’s Lee Seung Hyo
23rd November, f(x) Amber, Krystal, Sulli
23rd November, Wheesung
25th November, MBLAQ Lee Joon
26th November, SHINee Taemin
26th November, MBLAQ Thunder
26th November, Kim Joon

You would think that with tamiflu and other preventative measures, the rate of catching swine flu among celebs would actually decrease.

Of the list above, 76% are male.  A lot of netizens have commented that swine flu is either feminine, or gay.  How uneducated.  What does swine flu do to the person?  Strike them down, making them lethargic, loss of appetite, fever just to name a few of the symptoms, and in the worst case, death.  I don’t think the ladies out there want their eye-candy to die.  I hope not anyway.

If swine flu had a sex, it’s definitely sporting a huge Y chromosome.  Attack them boys, leaving only hot k-ladies.



too many thoughts, too little time

6 Nov

So initially, I started this blog to keep track of my new life in Hong Kong, commenting on my favourite hobbies and topics, including asian culture, music and food.  But after starting my job and having other commitments, I’ve really struggled to find the time to blog about all the things I want to.

You’ll find most of my posts are quite tongue-in-cheek, and I often make fun of kpop, and life in general.

Most other blogs try to be unbiased and keep their readers happy.  Thats just not me, and I’m not afraid of heating things up a bit, whilst at the same time making some people smile.

Wish I had more time though =(  I know don’t get many people visiting here, with only a couple of frequent commentators to keep me interested (looking at you izzie and jane haha), but I wanna continue with this thing.

So anyway, what I wanna say is if anyone at all has any similar interests to me (english music, cpop, kpop, jpop, football, basketball, food and cooking, travelling, asian culture, US TV) and wanna put a fun little blog together, that is unafraid to hurt some ickle netizen feelings, then let me know.



for taeyeon, i'd get swine flu too

28 Oct

Are hugs from taeyeon the new treatment for swine flu?

20091026_taeyeonkwill_2Where do I sign up for these hugs? Give me your geeeeeeeeerms

weekend wrap: taeyeon's special suprise

26 Oct

Some cute pics of Taeyeon (SNSD) unwrapping a giant white teddy on Chinhan Chingu Radio Show, on which SHINee were guests on.  Pics reveal her obvious joy receiving such a gift.

20091025_taeyeonbear_02She later took the bear back to her dorm, where I proceeded to unzip my bear suit. SURPRISE!

fact: men with mustaches are tough

22 Oct

G.O (Jung Byung Hee) also took up the mic by himself with his rendition of “Last Time” by Eric Benet. Proving why he was rightfully chosen as the group’s (MBLAQ’s) main vocalist, he serenaded listeners with his hauntingly soulful voice that dripped with passion through every note. Many praised G.O’s singing ability, to which the talented singer replied, “Although I may appear tough because of my mustache, I will try my best to absolve such judgments with my vocals.”

cr: allkpop

in other news.. Hwanhee’s debut solo (mini) album, H Soul is the freakin bomb. Go get it!

P.S. Going on hols for several days. Hopefully there will be internet so I can get my daily k-ent/pop news fix! ^_^

madonna is a bad girl

19 Oct

The more I listen to BEAST’s/B2ST’s – Bad Girl, the more it reminds me of an old 80s Madonna track.

And when it does, it reminds me of this. (disclaimer: this site will not be responsible for whatever side effects this image may have have on you, including but not limited to: hair loss,permanent memory damage, the gouging of eyes, resurfacing of bad childhood memories, the shrinkages of penises and involuntary jumping of testicles)

Not cool man.

Not cool.