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Toy Story

26 Apr

Watched Toy Story 1 (3D) last weekend. Ahhhh… reliving them childhood memories.  Can’t believe it’s been 15 years. I’m freaking old!

Toy Story 2 3D with my lil bro next week,  and then Toy Story 3 3D.  They gotta make all films 3D or something cuz movie titles are confusing.


2009 – you've been good

4 Jan

Almost every other blog out there is doing some sort of “BEST OF 2009” post, so let me be a sheep and do one myself.

Qoobies Best of 09 KPOP Awards

Best Artist

Best Group

Best Newcomers
2NE1, 4minute, After School, BEAST, Lady Collection, Maydoni

Best Songs (no particular order, one song per artiste)
SNSD – Gee
2NE1 – I Don’t Care
Taeyang – Wedding Dress
2PM – Heartbeat
Park Bom – You & I
Kim Tae Woo – Love Rain
4minute – Won’t Give You
After School – Because of You
Hwanhee – Bring it Back
Epik High – Wannabe
2AM – Time for Confession
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
SHINee – Please Don’t Go
Maydoni – 7 Teen
LeesSang – Girl, Unable to Separate – Boy, Unable to Leave
Baek Ji Young – Don’t Forget

Best Albums
G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
2PM – 1:59PM
Hwanhee – H-Soul
Wheesung – Vocolate
2NE1 – 2NE1
Maydoni – 7 Teen
Untouchable – Quiet Storm
Brown Eyed Girls – Sound G.
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
Lady Collection – Lady Collection
Kim Taewoo – T-Virus
4minute – Musik
Epik High – Map the Soul

Best MVs
2NE1 – Fire
2PM – Heartbeat
G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
Epik High – Wannabe
LeesSang – Girl, Unable to Separate – Boy, Unable to Leave

I haven’t been a huge follower of K-dramas (I’ve seen less than 10 my whole life), although that will change as I’m on a rabid download spree. Recommendation welcome!

In 2009, I’ve watched Cinderella Story (not sure why I even bothered), IRIS (very entertaining, although the last few eps were a huge let down; they either should of added a few more episodes to flesh out the story, or end it earlier) and You’re Beautiful (wasn’t going to watch this as it looked too “teen” and “cute” for my usual tastes, but so many people recommended it. Good recommendation! Park Shin Hye ^_^).

I am about to begin Return of Iljimae, and plan to watch Shining Inheritance after, since it has won so many drama awards in 09.

As I understand little Korean, the shows that I can watch it limited to the ones that are available on youtube/download with subs.  Family Outing is my no.1 variety show.  I’ve been a huge follower of the first series of couples of We Got Married, but interest has died down.  MNET Scandal seemed to have some promise, in at least we can expect to have crazy fangirl complaints; but that was a letdown too.  Other shows I watched/followed include Intimate Note, G7, Star King, 2NE1/Big Bang TV.  I wish there was a site which keeps track of all the episodes and where I could watch/download them…

Looking ahead to 2010
The Return of the Jedi Jaebum. Comebacks/LPs from:Taeyang, Big Bang, 2NE1, 1TYM, Se7en (basically YG family), Tasha/T, May Doni, Hwanhee, Hyori, BoA.  More material from the many newcomers of 09, such as BEAST, MBLAQ, 4minute, Untouchable, f(x).  Less freaky gifts from netizens to their idols.  Return of X-man alumni HaHa and Kim Jong Min. Movies/dramas/variety/eye candy which feature either Park Shin Hye, Ha Ji Won, Jun Ji Hyun, Park Bo Young, or better yet, all of them together. Anything with Kim Sooro – God of Study is a good start for 2010. New Cha Tae Hyun movie?

And of course, a new blog site. Damn will I ever be able to make it?

2010 – let’s hope for a even more exciting year for k-entertainment!

ninja qoobie

29 Nov

Watched Ninja Assassin today.  I had pretty low expectations going into the cinema, as I’ve read some of the reviews.  I came out pleasantly surprised.

If you keep an open mind on the: overuse of CGI blood, the choppy editing, and the amazingly cheesy , and sometimes comedic dialogue, the cliche’d story, the obligatory inter-racial love story which was really not needed, and the numerous plot holes… keep an open mind, and it’s a good popcorn flick.


Whilst many kpop fans are giving rave reviews on Rain‘s performance, I still found his engrish accent very evident.  It seems that Rain just doesn’t have a knack for the language, compared to fellow k-celebs such as Lee Byung Hyun and BoA.  However, his martial arts skills belied his pop singer origins, and he did a great job on the action scenes.

Ninja Assassin might have many faults, but go into the cinema and enjoy it for what it is.  A film that shows off some great action scenes full of gratuitious violence.

It’s a film about ninjas.  How can it suck?

career advice

15 Nov

I’ve been catching up on IRIS the past 2 weeks – I gotta say, although it’s full of the typical k-drama cliches, it’s still damn entertaining.  I love espionage movies/TV/novels.

The one thing in common between all the different spy movies/books? Not that spies can kick your ass, or that they have ridiculous technology, or that they have ridiculously high pain barriers.

No, the answer is that the female agents are freakin hot – whether they’re south korean, japanese, north korean, american or british.

So my career advice for all the kids out there?  Join the army and get scouted by the secret agencies – cuz that’s where all the booty is.

fockin prawns!

5 Oct

If you watched District 9, you will understand the title of this post.

If you haven’t watched it, go watch it! Awesome film!!!

district 9I will never look at prawns the same way again… and I love prawns >_<