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Vid of the Day – SNSD Screen Savers

9 Oct

SNSD recently made some screen savers for Daum. Well I don’t know the details but I do know that these are SO ADORABLE. ESPECIALLY TAEYEON.


Credits: aslotussmusic , Seoulbeats



Pic of the Day – Scorpion on a stick

8 Oct

Ugh. Insects like these are a common “delicacy” in many parts of China, including Beijing. Sorry to those who do like enjoy a bit of fried scorpion or sweetened spider (the large kind), but I think it gross.

Picture credit: MOP

Speaking of insects, a new show by “The Office” creator Ricky Gervais sends his friend Karl, who so happens to be a total idiot, to see the Seven Wonders of the world, including to China and the Great Wall. Watch the video below, which also contains a clip of Karl’s priceless reaction to people eating insects.

Hilarious!! Some Chinese people might find this particular episode slightly offensive, but he is a bit of an idiot after all. Other nationalities, don’t feel left out. Since Karl goes to all Seven Wonders, there will be 6 additional episodes of him being a moron and unwittingly insulting other cultures and heritages. I’ve watched clips of the India episode – funny stuff 🙂

Pic of the Day – Big Bang LG

7 Oct

Big Bang promoting for the new LG Optimus One phones. I’ve personally owned LG phones before (2 different ones) and have had really bad experiences with them. I much prefer my iPhone 😀

See YB’s pinky pointing out lol. How delicate.

Pic of the Day – 2PM Teases

6 Oct

JYP released the first teaser pics to 2PM’s upcoming mini album, Still 2PM.

I’ve just uploaded Chansung’s picture because his forehead looks absolutely huge, and his pose makes it even funnier. It’s the “I-think-this-pose-is-badass-but-my-group-will-bully-me-after-this-photoshoot-fml” pose.

You can see the rest of the pictures at their site .

Pic of the Day – Dara Getting Married

5 Oct

Here’s a nice picture of my bride Dara wearing my pimp hat. Because she’s classy like that.

Dara is awesome at crowd pleasing. At least I’m getting pleased. Yeah.

photo credit: letsplay2ne1

Pic of the Day – Gangnam, Seoul

3 Oct

As you can see from this photo, Gangnam is one of the most vibrant districts in Seoul. Some of the city’s hottest night clubs are located here. It is also home to COEX, arguably Seoul’s most popular mall.

When I went to Seoul several years ago, I must have spent most of my stay in Gangnam (and I went for 3 weeks). So much to do, see and eat! ^^

Photo comes courtesy of bhlee33

Pic of the Day – China's National Day

2 Oct

Yesterday, October 1st, is China’s National Day, commemorating 61 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Usually, this special day is marked by a lot of parades, a lot of showing off of military force, and a lot of fireworks.

Precision is VERY important.

As Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, October 1st is also a public holiday for us here. Yay!