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Big Bang Vol 4 Ringtones

11 Apr

What did everyone think of Big Bang’s new tracks from their newest mini-albums? Personally, I thought it shows yet another side to them. Their new material are the least ‘hip-hop’ sounding yet. However, no matter what genre music they put out, be it hip hop, RnB, pop, jazz, soul, house, electronic, rock… you can always tell that it’s Big Bang. They have their own sound. I guess that’s why I love them (well, their music) so much and I never get bored of listening to them. No other Kpop group can draw me in like them.

OK enough fan-boying 🙂

Some Big Bang ringtones to share with you today!

Big Bang – Cafe

Big Bang – Love Song

Big Bang – Stupid Liar

Big Bang – Tonight (Taeyang Bridge)

Big Bang – Tonight

Big Bang – Tonight ver. 2

And a bonus GD&TOP one..

GD&TOP – High High

Remember to credit me if you download or share! Cheerio!


Where is Big Bang?

5 Oct

On the way home today, I spent my bus ride listening to my favourite Big Bang hits – Last Farewell, Haru Haru, Lies, A Fool’s Tears, Babo, Remember, We Belong Together, etc. Damn they sound good, and even their more mediocre tracks put most Kpop groups to shame.

I think the biggest difference that make BB shine more than others is the rapping. Taeyang is my favourite member, but it is the combination rapping of GD and TOP that make the songs. Almost every Kpop group, be it male or female, has a ‘rapper’. But how many of them have actually been rapping for more than 2 years? You don’t just learn how to rap overnight. Rapping is an art that is honed over many years, a lyrical battle and test of flow. GD and TOP has been at it for over 10 years each, they CAN rap. Whilst I like a lot of other groups, such as 2PM, their weak flow makes me feel groups use rap as a gimmick, which saddens me.

GD and TOP may not be at the same levels of Epik High (how many are??), but out of all the so-called idol groups, none can rival them.

Shit… went a bit off topic! Anyway, I read an interview the other day and GD was quoted as saying he has 18 songs already prepared, and are just waiting for the other members to comeback. He also mentioned it will not be an electro-pop themed album. THANK GOD! It’s good to know that GD is hard at work for the group, and I can’t wait to hear what he’s prepared.

My hope is that Big Bang will come out with teasers for their 3rd full album in the 1st week of November, and then release a 12 or 13 track album. In the first album, all the members had their own solos. I’m hoping the new album will contain some solos or duets, some unique combinations. Possibly a Seungri + Daesung duet? TOP, GD, Taeyang is another tried and tested combo not to be messed with. How about some special guests? A featuring by se7en would be pretty awesome.

What do you think? What are you hoping for in their 3rd album?

3 weeks – I'm dedicated

30 Sep

Work has been a bitch. 3 weeks without a new post, but who can blame me? After the 2NE1 release, the Kpop world has been relatively boring. Sure, my wife BoA released her repackaged album, Copy & Paste. After the initial orgasm of having new BoA songs to listen to, Copy & Paste was rather boring. It’s strange that an uptempo song can be boring, it just felt like it goes on an on. There’s no climax or killer note. I couldn’t even differentiate the chorus from the verses at first listen. I liked I’m OK more. Written by Wheesung, it’s got a summer feel. Um.. but summer is over? Whatever. It sounds decent.

2 other big releases were mini albums by Miss A and BEAST. What can I say about their new songs? I think they are both have potential to be great Kpop groups, but the new songs don’t really do anything for me. The first word that springs to mind when describing the songs is ‘nice’. Not great, or badass, or orgasmic, but ‘nice’. No track really stands out, but they’re not terrible. I’d listen to Miss A’s Step Up more. Partly due to a past picture of Min, which now always springs to mind when listening to their songs. Breasts always make a song sound better – it’s a scientific fact.

This picture inspires me to do great things.  Because of this great shot of Min, I’m going to start a “Picture of the Day” feature. Every day, I will post a picture or photo of anything that has piques my interest. Could be a photo of beautiful scenery, delicious food, a funny caption, or something Kpop related. Should liven my blog a bit. I anticipate that BoA and Hyori will be featured a lot. You can thank me later.

Thoughts on 2NE1 – To Anyone

10 Sep

Just a quick review. No – I lie. A review is supposed to be insightful right? Check out McRoth’s (and Tuc’s) review for a more articulate piece. Sigh, I’m jealous they can write eloquently. At best, I’m a mad man with a keyboard trying my best to write in proper sentences.

Well anyway, a few general thoughts of the long awaited (pretty much every album/single by YG artistes are ‘long awaited’ .. )  first full album from 2NE1.


I think that echos the thoughts of 99% of people who listen to “To Anyone”. I actually felt pissed off when listening to “Can’t Nobody” lol. WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN…

2NE1 CAN sing. Even Dara can! Yeah I’m not kidding – I said it. Dara can sing. It’s just when she is in a group with 3 other girls who can really belt it out, and have such deep, rich voices, listening to Dara on the same track is a little jarring. So why use so much autotune? I’ve never been a fan of autotune, but I agree that if used in moderation, autotune can enhance a song (examples: Taeyang’s ‘Prayer’ and ‘I’ll Be There’).

I think only 3 tracks don’t use autotune – the gorgeous ballad, ‘Painful’, Bom’s ‘You and I’ and ‘I Don’t Care’. Incidently, they are also my 3 favourite tracks.

I’ve now listened to the album in its entirely at least 6 times, and the initial ear-fuck that the autotune gave me has subsided. I’ve started to like ‘Can’t Nobody’, ‘Go Away’ is a great uplifting tune, and ‘Clap Your Hands’ is a decent hip hop number. BTW, do yourself a favour and listen to the album with a decent pair of headphones. It makes a world of difference. With a crappy pair, it makes the songs sound even more processed and fuzzy.

2NE1 may not deserve all the hype YG keeps giving them, and even though the album isn’t perfect, they’re still my favourite kpop girl group. They got the x-factor, the swagger, the style, the talent. Most importantly, they have personality, unlike many other korean manufactured groups.

Overall, whilst it was a bit rough on the production front (please Teddy, get some rest. YG needs some new producers!) I’m pleased with the album, and I look forward to their other MVs and performances.

Meanwhile, check out their MV for ‘Clap Your Hands’. They really shine don’t they? ^^

What I Like: KPOP

9 Sep

My first encounter with Kpop was around 10 years ago, when I noticed a Korean buddy of mine bought a shiny new Sony Discman.

“Hey man – I thought you were gonna buy one of those new music players, a MP3 player, Samsung Yepp?”

“I was. But my bro just got back from Korea. He bought me a CD. New group called Fly to the Sky. Don’t laugh man, the name sounds gay, but they are so awesome. Can’t stop listening to them”

Forget about the fact that you can burn CDs to transfer the music onto an MP3 player (Hey, we were young and technological newbs. I bought a freaking MD player. What a waste.) But I was intrigued at why my friend would spend a huge amount of money -for a kid- just to listen to music by 2 guys with the craziest hair.

Hairstyle name: Parting Mop Head

But after listening to them, it was love at first sight listen.

From there, I went onto BoA, a bit of HOT, bit of Shinhwa, god, watching X-man, Rain, Se7en, Wheesung, Tasha, JinuSean, 1TYM, Big bang (basically most of YG) etc.

Korean music is different, unique, trendy. At least compared to Chinese music. Korean music can actually be defined into different genres. There is only one type of Chinese music – Karaoke CPOP. The singers themselves are also the full package – most are multi talented: singing, rapping, dancing, acting, comedy, variety and to boot, they are HOT. No wonder the Chinese music companies are trying to replicate Korean music, and bringing in Korean coaches to train new Chinese talent.


Below is a list of my favourite Kpop artists – you can see the majority is made up of RnB and Hip Hop artists.  I’ve also made a list for singers that I think have a great future ahead. If they fulfill their potential, then I hope to promote them to my “Fav Kpop Artists” list 😀

Fav Kpop Artists
Big Bang, Epik High, 1TYM, JinuSean, BoA, Fly to the Sky (now Hwanhee), Wheesung, Tasha, SHINee, 2NE1, Rain, Se7en, 2PM, Younha, 4men, Brown Eyed Soul, Lyn, Gummy, god, Dynamic Duo,, Clazziquai

Ones to Look out for
One Way, 4minute, MBLAQ, BEAST, Secret, Untouchable, Navi, May Doni, Seo In Gook, Kim Yeo Hee

I listen other singers too, like DBSK, SNSD, After School, CN Blue. FT Island etc, but they aren’t my absolute favourite.

Big Bang - All sorts of awesome

I’ll create a page for these lists, which I’ll update every so often, so you can see who I think are hot right now. I don’t listen to much indie, but you have any good recommendations based on my taste, feel free to suggest some.


A Letter to YG

1 Sep

Dear Mr YG,

With the arrival of September, summer has officially ended for most of us, not that it matters since I’m no longer a child/student and thus no longer have ridiculously long summer holidays. Weather is cooling down, big summer movies have been mostly disappointing (Inception and Toy Story 3 are exceptions), fanfare of the new iPhone is dying down, and kids are heading back to school.

But it’s obviously a different kind of world at the YG headquarters, because you and your artists are banging out hit after hit (in more ways than one – congrats on the baby!) through the summer and I can’t see an end to them.

Taeyang kicked off the summer with Solar. Like many others, I needed a few listens to let “I Need a Girl” grow on me, as the tone and arrangement of the song was quite different from his/Teddy’s previous material. I loved the whole album.  See the past tense in ‘Loved’? Yeah. After a few hundred listens, I’ve found the album to be great KOREAN RnB album – but quite average when comparing to RnB as a genre. It’s a big step for TY though, and I can really see his true colours show, which is rare in the Korean idol world. He did good, and I expect even greater things from him in the future.

Se7en was next with his long awaited return from the States (which I still believe he was banished to because he lost a bet). When those previews of his new music started cropping out, I was worried. What happened to Se7en’s trademark silky smooth vocals and RnB vibe? What’s with the autotune and  electro? You had a lot of people worried with the new direction. But it turned out to be awesome and a breath of fresh air.

Then came Taeyang’s 2nd comeback. What? Does he think he’s Michael Jordan? Now I’m not a big fan of re-released albums with a couple of new tracks thrown on. I mean come on – I spent over 300HKD on that Deluxe Solar album, and now you want me to buy another with 8 of the same tracks? OK OK – I forgive you and your money-grubbing ways, because “I’ll Be There” is a fantastic track. Whilst I liked INAG, “I’ll Be There” was a much better “title track”; it was the full package: great MV, superb choreography, wicked beats, and my man TY getting nekkid for the ladies.

Who’s next? 2NE1! Dayuuuuuuuuuum I’m stoked for this album, mostly because I think no group in the Kpop world at current are quite as exciting as 2NE1. The teaser pics are FIRE. September 12th can’t come soon enough.

And the rest of the year?

October: BIG BANG!

November: JINUSEAN! (hopefully)

December: 1TYM (I can dream)

Mr. YG?

I fucking love you.

Yours truly,



1 Mar

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See you there 😀