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too many thoughts, too little time

6 Nov

So initially, I started this blog to keep track of my new life in Hong Kong, commenting on my favourite hobbies and topics, including asian culture, music and food.  But after starting my job and having other commitments, I’ve really struggled to find the time to blog about all the things I want to.

You’ll find most of my posts are quite tongue-in-cheek, and I often make fun of kpop, and life in general.

Most other blogs try to be unbiased and keep their readers happy.  Thats just not me, and I’m not afraid of heating things up a bit, whilst at the same time making some people smile.

Wish I had more time though =(  I know don’t get many people visiting here, with only a couple of frequent commentators to keep me interested (looking at you izzie and jane haha), but I wanna continue with this thing.

So anyway, what I wanna say is if anyone at all has any similar interests to me (english music, cpop, kpop, jpop, football, basketball, food and cooking, travelling, asian culture, US TV) and wanna put a fun little blog together, that is unafraid to hurt some ickle netizen feelings, then let me know.




tick tock tick tock

16 Oct

There’s just not enough hours in a day to do everything I want!

My schedule:

7am                    –  wake up

8am                    –  go to work

7/8pm                 –  get home, dinner

9pm-10pm           –  gym

OK.  So I got 2 hours left (if I don’t get 7 hrs sleep I fall asleep at work ^^)

In those 2 hours I need/want to:

  • watch latest US drama episodes if out (House, Fringe, 30 Rock, The Office, Smallville, FlashForward)
  • catch up with daily k-entertainment news / blogs
  • variety shows (e.g. Family Outing, Strong Heart etc etc)
  • play on xbox
  • korean drama

And this doesn’t even include time for me to go out with friends/social events/family time.


I need to blog during work hours just so I have more time free time at home lol.

Now I understand why everyone has blackberry/iPhones.

Gotta make those minutes waiting for the bus count …

40 winks wouldn't hurt…

31 Aug

Sigh. I’m losing my long term battle with a great enemy: sleep.

I remember back in the day, when I fought long and hard to stay awake in my GCSE English and Geography lessons. I still remember my teachers, Mr. Hayes and Mr. Lewis, both immensely knowledgeable in their respective fields, but by God were they boring. My handwriting isn’t bad, but you couldn’t tell by looking at my English and Geo work. Words would randomly crop up on the wrong line, scribbles, the last letter of words stretching to the end of the page as if was trying out a very elaborate signature. All this because I kept falling asleep in the middle of writing.

Now at work, the same happens again. All I do is stare at the computer screen all day, googling and researching, googling some more and reading. It doesn’t help that my colleagues don’t talk much. I need to talk sometimes people! To communicate… socialize. Argh!

Today, since coming to work, I’ve only spoken twice. “Thank you” to the doorman at my office building and “Cha Siu Fan please” at a local café.

Just 2 more minutes and I can work my jaw muscles again. I get to see Mr. Doorman again! Highlight of the day 😀