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madonna is a bad girl

19 Oct

The more I listen to BEAST’s/B2ST’s – Bad Girl, the more it reminds me of an old 80s Madonna track.

And when it does, it reminds me of this. (disclaimer: this site will not be responsible for whatever side effects this image may have have on you, including but not limited to: hair loss,permanent memory damage, the gouging of eyes, resurfacing of bad childhood memories, the shrinkages of penises and involuntary jumping of testicles)

Not cool man.

Not cool.


whats new in the music scene?

14 Oct

New Section!!!  Check out my UPCOMING MUSIC RELEASES! page at the top of this site.

Share your opinions and recommendations.




omg MBLAQ, BEAST (B2ST) and SHINee have all just released their mini albums (single in SHINee’s case) today.  No chance to listen to them as at work now… (yet I have time to post haha ^_^).

Will update later with my impressions!  Post yours too!

mblaq & b2st

12 Oct

argh… Monday. Anyway…

[M]usic [B]oys [L]ive in [A]bsolute [Q]uality …    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. engrish much?
20091011_MBLAQrainsconcert_2It seems one of the members got replaced by wifey’s lil bro – “Chundoong”.  Dude looks identical to his sister Sandara!  Just give him some crazy locks or pineapple hair and you won’t be able to tell the diff between them.


When I found out that B2ST stood for Boys to Search for Top, my first thought was: “Whuuut? You can find him in Big Bang”

credit: rainyyonme

New teaser … looking good. Many peeps commenting they’re copying Big Bang (their original look) and 2PM.  Hey… BB only just copied they style from thousands/millions of other hip hop artists in the West.

Hopefully, the music B2ST releases will continue AJ’s style, his mini album was tight, especially the track 눈물을 닦고.

Good luck to both groups!

october – new music month!

8 Oct

I’m gonna be a broke ass chigga after this month.  So many albums out/coming out and new, promising artists releasing this month – LeeSsang, wifey BoA, Dynamic Duo, Wheesung, Taeyang, Lady Collection (<3 Ji Eun), MBLAQ, B2ST – just to name a few.  R. Kelly and Brian McKnight (finally!) out next week too.

There’s a lot of trash (i.e. the many artists who jumped on the euro-dance, electro-pop and auto-tune bandwagon) being released by Korean artists.  But when they release new tracks through mini-albums and digital singles so frequently, there’s bound to be some gems, and if you’re lucky, they have originality and creativity.  It’s not just a Korean trend;  it’s the same for the HK/China music scene.

These idols are freakin machines!  If R. Kelly released a track every couple of weeks, I’m sure he’d finally run out metaphors for sex.

Can’t wait to get home, and listen to some Vocalate ~