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What I Like: KPOP

9 Sep

My first encounter with Kpop was around 10 years ago, when I noticed a Korean buddy of mine bought a shiny new Sony Discman.

“Hey man – I thought you were gonna buy one of those new music players, a MP3 player, Samsung Yepp?”

“I was. But my bro just got back from Korea. He bought me a CD. New group called Fly to the Sky. Don’t laugh man, the name sounds gay, but they are so awesome. Can’t stop listening to them”

Forget about the fact that you can burn CDs to transfer the music onto an MP3 player (Hey, we were young and technological newbs. I bought a freaking MD player. What a waste.) But I was intrigued at why my friend would spend a huge amount of money -for a kid- just to listen to music by 2 guys with the craziest hair.

Hairstyle name: Parting Mop Head

But after listening to them, it was love at first sight listen.

From there, I went onto BoA, a bit of HOT, bit of Shinhwa, god, watching X-man, Rain, Se7en, Wheesung, Tasha, JinuSean, 1TYM, Big bang (basically most of YG) etc.

Korean music is different, unique, trendy. At least compared to Chinese music. Korean music can actually be defined into different genres. There is only one type of Chinese music – Karaoke CPOP. The singers themselves are also the full package – most are multi talented: singing, rapping, dancing, acting, comedy, variety and to boot, they are HOT. No wonder the Chinese music companies are trying to replicate Korean music, and bringing in Korean coaches to train new Chinese talent.


Below is a list of my favourite Kpop artists – you can see the majority is made up of RnB and Hip Hop artists.¬† I’ve also made a list for singers that I think have a great future ahead. If they fulfill their potential, then I hope to promote them to my “Fav Kpop Artists” list ūüėÄ

Fav Kpop Artists
Big Bang, Epik High, 1TYM, JinuSean, BoA, Fly to the Sky (now Hwanhee), Wheesung, Tasha, SHINee, 2NE1, Rain, Se7en, 2PM, Younha, 4men, Brown Eyed Soul, Lyn, Gummy, god, Dynamic Duo, J.ae, Clazziquai

Ones to Look out for
One Way, 4minute, MBLAQ, BEAST, Secret, Untouchable, Navi, May Doni, Seo In Gook, Kim Yeo Hee

I listen other singers too, like DBSK, SNSD, After School, CN Blue. FT Island etc, but they aren’t my absolute favourite.

Big Bang - All sorts of awesome

I’ll create a page for these lists, which I’ll update every so often, so you can see who I think are hot right now. I don’t listen to much indie, but you have any good recommendations based on my taste, feel free to suggest some.



kpop i missed out on: 4men

4 Nov

As some of you may recall, my first post about Kpop I missed out on was Brown Eyed Soul. ¬†I liked them so much I went to 10 diff record shops here to find there albums. ¬†Sadly, I could only find their most recent album in the shops (kinda hard to purchase non-idol kpop here in Hong Kong…)

Anyhoooo, during my recent¬†rather illegal download sprees online listening, I came across 4men. I’ve seen ppl comment about how “legendary” they were, that they are one of the best vocal groups in Korea, but I never actual listened to any of their material. ¬†They released a mini album a few days ago, and although it only contain 3 full length songs, their vocals and harmony, soul and rhythm, was ahhhmazing. ¬†They have a similar style to Brown Eyed Soul and Fly to the Sky, my favourite kinda music~


I need to go digging for their old albums and some more info about them.  I assume one member has left, otherwise they must be seriously retarded to name a trio as 4men.

Anyone out there can recommend me their best songs?

If you haven’t heard of them, go check them out! NOW!


dbsk vs sme

2 Nov

Anyone remotely following kpop news will have heard of the whole DBSK (Yoochun, Jaejoong, Junsu) vs SME lawsuit (if not, where the hell have you been?! Check out Kbites / allkpop for updates). ¬†Now, I’m not a huge follow of the boys. They got some pretty smooth moves and awesome vocals, but they’re too boy band-ish for my taste. So forgive me for my lighthearted view of the situation, I just find it pretty hilarious.

First off, Yunho and and Changmin finally broke their silence and released a statement, which basically screwed their fellow members over in support of SME.

…We believe that our Korean promotion, planned for next spring, should be prepared at least 6 months in advance before our future as one becomes unclear. If the other three members truly want to stay as one DBSK, they must make a decision before it’s too late…

Translation: “I give you 10 days to beg forgiveness and ring my ding dong otherwise, screw you and see-you!”

Then, SME obviously threatened SHINee that they would have to wear bright skinny pants from the GEE video and make them adopt the same hair styles as Brian and Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky) had if they did not release a statement in support of SME.

SME helped us a lot in the beginning as we didn’t really know what to do. But as we gained more experience, we start to express our opinions. The company reflects our opinions on many things such as the lyrics, pairing of members and our style. Without such supportive environment, we won’t be able to sing our songs like we sing them now.

SME listens to the artists’ opinions and everyone is close, unlike other entertainment companies. Everyone respects each other and supports each other, just like you can see in Dream Concert or SM Concert. Artists of SME are trained well from the beginning to the point where people say that SME’s artists are very well mannered.

Regarding f(x), a recent rookie group that debuted from SME, SHINee said;

We’ve seen them since they were trainees but didn’t expect them to debut so quickly. Did not think Sulli would be so tall and beautiful, haha. Now we know what it feels like to have juniors, and we can see why groups that are senior to us have been so nice and caring to us. We’re following the tradition by giving lots of advice to f(x).

Translation: SME is full of win, all other ent. groups suck ass. Talking of ass, I want a piece of Sulli’s

Day by Day



If that wasn’t enough,¬†they got the big guns out. That’s right. ¬†They asked daddy Yunho and daddy Changmin to release a statement too.

Don’t really understand why Yunho and Changmin are coming out in FULL support of SME. ¬†They’re getting paid peanuts considering they are arguably the biggest male group in Asia.

10 days left – what will the three amigo’s decide?

Quotes and statements taken from allkpop.

stumbling into addiction

2 Sep

whaddup whaddup !

I’ve listened to korean music for aaaages, but my addiction to it didn’t really start till several years ago.

I was first introduced to korean music way in the early years of high school (year 7/8). ¬†There were loads of korean students there, and the hot idols back then were H.O.T and Sechkies. ¬†I didn’t listen to any of their songs, but I saw the covers on the albums the other kids bought in and thought to myself “thats some crazy ass hairstyles they have”.

My friend asked me what type of music I liked, and I told him it was RnB, and he lent me his Fly To The Sky album, “Day by Day”. ¬†I kept the album on repeat: I was hooked. ¬†Soon after that, in a different school, a girl introduced me to BoA, and though pop music isn’t really my thing, some of her tunes were catchy as hell (typical SM Ent.) and her ballads were strong. ¬†She gave me all of BoA’s songs, and I found some pics of her, and dayuuuuum she was foiiiiine

BoA = Hot

Fast forward 2006, I went into overdrive mode and started following the korean music industry like an addict, with the help my friends and sites like asianjunkie.com and now allkpop.com & sookyeong.wordpress (recommended sites).

Now my favourite artists are most from YG family such as Jinusean, 1TYM, Big Bang, 2NE1 etc etc, although my taste in music (slightly ashamed here..) has relaxed from the typical hiphop and RnB to include some pop.. like some …actually its too embarrassing to mention…hmmm.. -_- ;;

I got a lot more favs, but too many to mention, I’ll leave that for another day!

I have over over 2000 korean tunes on my iPod.

How about you?