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fact: men with mustaches are tough

22 Oct

G.O (Jung Byung Hee) also took up the mic by himself with his rendition of “Last Time” by Eric Benet. Proving why he was rightfully chosen as the group’s (MBLAQ’s) main vocalist, he serenaded listeners with his hauntingly soulful voice that dripped with passion through every note. Many praised G.O’s singing ability, to which the talented singer replied, “Although I may appear tough because of my mustache, I will try my best to absolve such judgments with my vocals.”

cr: allkpop

in other news.. Hwanhee’s debut solo (mini) album, H Soul is the freakin bomb. Go get it!

P.S. Going on hols for several days. Hopefully there will be internet so I can get my daily k-ent/pop news fix! ^_^