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Pic of the Day – China's National Day

2 Oct

Yesterday, October 1st, is China’s National Day, commemorating 61 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Usually, this special day is marked by a lot of parades, a lot of showing off of military force, and a lot of fireworks.

Precision is VERY important.

As Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, October 1st is also a public holiday for us here. Yay!


The most uncomfortable taxi ride EVER

27 Jan

So I had to go to a meeting yesterday with my boss, so we went to catch a taxi.  All conversations were held in Cantonese, unless in bold (English). Warning: A lot of expletives used. Kids, press the big red x in the top right corner.

The following occurred between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. Events occur in real time.

Boss:     Nathan Street please.
Driver:  OK Boss.

10 minute later and some boring conversation I had with my boss, which we held in English…

Driver: You two not from around here?
Boss:     Right, we moved here from abroad.
Driver:  So do you know what this street is famous for?
Boss:     Portland Street… famous for hookers…
Driver:  HAHA even you know this? You come here often?
Boss:     No… but it’s a common fact…
Driver:  You tried any?
[by the way, my boss is the Chief of Economics in my company, has several degrees, masters and PhDs…]

Boss:     … No..
Driver:  Fuck man, I do it all the time. $300 (around USD40 I guess) a pop.
Boss:     Oh? So expensive?
Driver:  Fuckkkk man, that’s what rising prices does. House prices increase, so do hookers! Back in the day, only $200. Now $300. How can I pay? Need work overtime. Motherfking economy screwing us taxi drivers.
Boss:     … Where are they from?
Driver:  Them bitches? Local man. I only do local. You know local? I speaku engrish – local. But they blow so fast as if they have appointment to make. Only 30 minutes and I be getting rushed out of the room. 30 minutes! $300! Damn this shit.
Boss:     I heard there a lot of Russian prosititutes?…
Driver:  No  dude. They all in Macau. Them whores are expensive. $1000. 1000 dollar ah.
Me:        (quietly) I suppose you learnt your English from the Russians..)
Driver:  What you say kid?
Me:        … that orange car is so ugly.
Driver:  Them fucking pricks with their ugly ass sports cars, can’t do shit. What a waste of a car. That’s not a car. That’s a fucking orange with wheels.

[Orange sports car cuts us off and stops in front of traffic to let someone off]
Driver:  Motherfking kids. Think they the shit. (sticks head outside window and flipping them off) GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY ASSHOLE. LEARN TO FUCKING DRIVE.
Boss and me: …

Driver:  Damn assholes, I’d kill them if I could.
Boss and me: heh.. heh.. heh………
Driver:  Hey kid, where you lived abroad?
Me:        England
Driver:  You like French girls? What they like?
Me:        Umm.. skinny…
Driver:  What about English girls?
Me:        Umm… big…
Driver:  LOLOL. True that.  Do white chicks like china sausages?
Me:        … I don’t think it’s their preference…
Boss:     What’s Chinese sausage?
Me:        He means Chinese guys…
Driver:  Chinese sausages. Chiiiiineeeeese sauuuusages ah. You know? Penisuuuu
Boss:     Oh.
Driver:  LMAO. I know one fact though, Japanese girls like black sausages. Blacku sausagy. LMFAO

Boss:     … are we there yet?

a tourist-y weekend in hk

23 Dec

My best friend who’s Mongolian (we’ll call him Bob cuz it’s easier to type ^^) came to visit me in Hong Kong last weekend. I’m posting some pictures of our little tourist style weekend to give you a glimpse of what Hong Kong offers.  Continue reading

hot in herre

7 Sep

September and its 34 freakin degrees celcius in HK. 34! With no signs of cooling down. WTF! I didn’t sign up for this.

34 degrees FTL.  Humidity FTL.  Wearing full suit in 34 degrees FTL.  Playing basketball in 34 degrees FTL.


40 winks wouldn't hurt…

31 Aug

Sigh. I’m losing my long term battle with a great enemy: sleep.

I remember back in the day, when I fought long and hard to stay awake in my GCSE English and Geography lessons. I still remember my teachers, Mr. Hayes and Mr. Lewis, both immensely knowledgeable in their respective fields, but by God were they boring. My handwriting isn’t bad, but you couldn’t tell by looking at my English and Geo work. Words would randomly crop up on the wrong line, scribbles, the last letter of words stretching to the end of the page as if was trying out a very elaborate signature. All this because I kept falling asleep in the middle of writing.

Now at work, the same happens again. All I do is stare at the computer screen all day, googling and researching, googling some more and reading. It doesn’t help that my colleagues don’t talk much. I need to talk sometimes people! To communicate… socialize. Argh!

Today, since coming to work, I’ve only spoken twice. “Thank you” to the doorman at my office building and “Cha Siu Fan please” at a local café.

Just 2 more minutes and I can work my jaw muscles again. I get to see Mr. Doorman again! Highlight of the day 😀