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status – HOT ISSUE!

20 Feb

Right, so this blog, freeingyourwings is almost dead. But alas, like a Phoenix, another rises in its place (too much Harry Potter).

My new blog, http://www.asiawhat.com, will be live hopefully by nextweek.  I’m trying to get some good bloggers to help me out with content. But even if I don’t get them in time, I’ll still take asiawhat.com live as I got some pretty exciting content. Such as…



By luck, I was at the red carpet premier of Jackie Chan’s newest movie, Little Big Soldier, which also stars the Taiwanese, very talented, hearthrob Wang Leehom, who is one of my favourite Chinese singers. Chinked out!

And today, I managed to get a press pass to 4minute’s showcase in Hong Kong, and was literally 1 meter from them for around 2 hours, so I managed to get a few photos. Well, 600 to be precise. And a few HD vids of their performance too!

So save http://www.asiawhat.com to your bookmarks~

Thanks for your support!  asiaWHAT! –  HWAITING!

PS. If anyone is interested in giving writing for asiawhat.com a go (or would like to know more details), leave a message here with your email address, or email me at:

m [dot] kwan23 [@] hotmail [dot] com.


happy mid-autumn festival… and chuseok!

4 Oct

So… one of the biggest holidays in China and Korea fall on the same day.  Is chuseok just a Korean version of the traditional Chinese holiday?  Cuz I know Korea also has a new year similar to the Chinese new year.  From what I heard, Chuseok is the Korean ‘thanksgiving’. Mid-autumn is a big festival for Chinese people, and its a public holiday (although this year, the day fell on a Saturday, so no extra day off work – damn it!!!!).  Families get together for a family dinner. Kids play with their lanterns and eat ‘mooncake’.mooncake I had my fun by jacking my 10 year old bro’s scooter and his power ranger lantern, and raced the other little kids and their scooters.  I beat those kids schumacher style – they had no chance against my superior scooter skills. OWNED SUCKERS! ——————-

At Chuseok, korean entertainers publish photoshoots of themselves whearing hanboks (traditional korean clothing).  I think my fav one this year is f(x).  They’re really beautiful, plus 2 members chinese so my chinese pride seeping through there… and i’m a sucker for a pretty girl wearing traditional asian clothing. fx chuseok There was also the BIG IDOL Show which had many of the idol groups participating and putting on some good performances.  Big Bang is back! And not wearing ultra bright clothing – double win!!  Can’t wait for Taeyang’s 1st full length album, which hopefully drops this month – his mini-album was awesome.

HyunA (of 4minute) on the other hand looked like a slut when she was doing her solo dance performance.  The girl can be pretty, but she always puts on the ‘dumb look’, like Paris Hilton.  And I don’t like her voice, I much prefer Jiyoon’s rapping tone.  HyunA omg you irritate me.

Another downer was UEE’s performance, damn she looked like a zombie dancing. No expression at all.  Really don’t understand why she is so popular these days, on so many different shows and being chosen to model for Soju.  Succeeding Hyori? Epic fail.

SNSD were looking fine as usual.  Jessica ❤  I saw the clip of one of the members of 4minute feeling Jessica up as part of a game….


4minute vs f(x)

3 Sep

Alritey then.

Just finished watching the newly released MVs, Lachata by f(x) and Muzik by 4minute.

f(x) is a brand spanking new girl group from SM entertainment, supposedly a female version of SHINee.  If they really do produce the same kind of music as SHINee, I will be a happy laddy, cuz although quite frankly, SHINee looks like a bunch of wussies (imo anyway, fangirls don’t kill me ^^) with their skinny pants and their silky dance sets, they pack some awesome vocals and good, RnB style songs.

Lachata was disappointing.  First, the word Lachata doesn’t exist.  At least with something like Rainism or Mirotic, there was a proper meaning behind it.  Lachata is just a “catchy term of exclamation.”  Erm…. whuttt?  Second, the song is slightly tedious.  It doesn’t show their vocal skills, nor is it very catchy.  At least the girls were lookin hottttt in the MV. And they’re wearing dark, more mature style of clothing! No bright pants or funky hair.  Nice to see a group wearing clothes you would actually wear out onto the street without being embarrassed.

Muzik for me, was a better track.  Although by no means the best track on their first mini album, For Muzik. 안줄래 (Won’t Give You) and What A Girl Wants are my favs, my kinda style~  The MV was aiiight, but HyunA has fugly hair, Bulma (dragonballz) style ><  Why mess with something that wasn’t broken?

(Vids courtesy of urasiansourcekpop on youtube)

If 4minute keep producing songs like Won’t Give You… then call me a fan.  And if f(x) turn up the heat and produce SHINee style songs (the slower, RnB style ones.. not crap like Juliette!), then I’m a lucky guy: Good Tunes + Hot Girls = Win.

Can they compete with 2NE1? I don’t think so since 2NE1 are on fire! (see what i did there? eh? eh eh?)

Don’t worry Dara, I won’t cheat on you with these newbies ^^