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stumbling into addiction

2 Sep

whaddup whaddup !

I’ve listened to korean music for aaaages, but my addiction to it didn’t really start till several years ago.

I was first introduced to korean music way in the early years of high school (year 7/8).  There were loads of korean students there, and the hot idols back then were H.O.T and Sechkies.  I didn’t listen to any of their songs, but I saw the covers on the albums the other kids bought in and thought to myself “thats some crazy ass hairstyles they have”.

My friend asked me what type of music I liked, and I told him it was RnB, and he lent me his Fly To The Sky album, “Day by Day”.  I kept the album on repeat: I was hooked.  Soon after that, in a different school, a girl introduced me to BoA, and though pop music isn’t really my thing, some of her tunes were catchy as hell (typical SM Ent.) and her ballads were strong.  She gave me all of BoA’s songs, and I found some pics of her, and dayuuuuum she was foiiiiine

BoA = Hot

Fast forward 2006, I went into overdrive mode and started following the korean music industry like an addict, with the help my friends and sites like asianjunkie.com and now allkpop.com & sookyeong.wordpress (recommended sites).

Now my favourite artists are most from YG family such as Jinusean, 1TYM, Big Bang, 2NE1 etc etc, although my taste in music (slightly ashamed here..) has relaxed from the typical hiphop and RnB to include some pop.. like some …actually its too embarrassing to mention…hmmm.. -_- ;;

I got a lot more favs, but too many to mention, I’ll leave that for another day!

I have over over 2000 korean tunes on my iPod.

How about you?