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KPOP iPhone Ringtones

10 Apr

Holy crap. I haven’t posted in almost 4 months! Busy with work and studies… yadda yadda yadda.

But I’m back as I’ve got something to share with everyone: iPhone ringtones!

I love my iPhone but one crappy thing about it is you cannot use MP3 as your ringtone. That’s why you and 95% of other iPhone users are probably using the same generic ringtone.

Well I’ve got a pretty cool app which enables me to make my own ringtones in the .m4r format that the iPhone requires. I’ve now made up a pretty large selecting of ringtones, mostly Kpop but with some Jpop, Cpop and western music too. Thought I’d share some with you iPhone-using Kpop-loving people  ^^

I will be taking requests for Kpop ringtones. You can do contact me by:

1) messaging me on Twitter (@qoobie23) or on this blog
2) Name of the artist (romanized), and track name
3) Which part of the song you want as the ringtone (e.g. 1:04 – 1:34)

Today, I’ll be sharing MBLAQ’s Cry and GDTOP’s Oh Yeah! Please no hotlinking, at least without full credits. Enjoy 🙂

MBLAQ – Cry Ringtone
GDTOP – Oh Yeah! Ringtone


mblaq says oh yeah!

14 Oct

MBLAQ released their MV to their first single “Oh Yeah!

credit: autumnaltints

I would like to make 4 points after watching this video/listening to the song:

  1. Lee Joon got attacked by a lawn mower just before filming, hence the state of his shirt. Chundoong (Dara’s lil bro) tried to help Lee Joon but epic fail’d since his shirt got shredded too and half of his jacket was eaten up.
  2. Main vocalist, G.O (mustache guy) looks like TaeYang with a mustache.
  3. “Oh Yeah” is said a total of 94 times in this track.
  4. HyunA‘s voice still irritates me.

A hit song?  If “Oh Yeah” wasn’t repeated 94 times, and around 30 of those times were by HyunA, I would of reeaaaaaaally liked this track.  The spanish guitars are awesome, and I don’t think I detected any auto-tune in it.

What? No auto-tune? NO WAIZ!

Nonetheless, under the guidance of Rain, these guys seem to have the looks, the moves and the voices to make it big.

Looking forward to hearing other tracks from them soon!