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A Letter to YG

1 Sep

Dear Mr YG,

With the arrival of September, summer has officially ended for most of us, not that it matters since I’m no longer a child/student and thus no longer have ridiculously long summer holidays. Weather is cooling down, big summer movies have been mostly disappointing (Inception and Toy Story 3 are exceptions), fanfare of the new iPhone is dying down, and kids are heading back to school.

But it’s obviously a different kind of world at the YG headquarters, because you and your artists are banging out hit after hit (in more ways than one – congrats on the baby!) through the summer and I can’t see an end to them.

Taeyang kicked off the summer with Solar. Like many others, I needed a few listens to let “I Need a Girl” grow on me, as the tone and arrangement of the song was quite different from his/Teddy’s previous material. I loved the whole album.  See the past tense in ‘Loved’? Yeah. After a few hundred listens, I’ve found the album to be great KOREAN RnB album – but quite average when comparing to RnB as a genre. It’s a big step for TY though, and I can really see his true colours show, which is rare in the Korean idol world. He did good, and I expect even greater things from him in the future.

Se7en was next with his long awaited return from the States (which I still believe he was banished to because he lost a bet). When those previews of his new music started cropping out, I was worried. What happened to Se7en’s trademark silky smooth vocals and RnB vibe? What’s with the autotune and  electro? You had a lot of people worried with the new direction. But it turned out to be awesome and a breath of fresh air.

Then came Taeyang’s 2nd comeback. What? Does he think he’s Michael Jordan? Now I’m not a big fan of re-released albums with a couple of new tracks thrown on. I mean come on – I spent over 300HKD on that Deluxe Solar album, and now you want me to buy another with 8 of the same tracks? OK OK – I forgive you and your money-grubbing ways, because “I’ll Be There” is a fantastic track. Whilst I liked INAG, “I’ll Be There” was a much better “title track”; it was the full package: great MV, superb choreography, wicked beats, and my man TY getting nekkid for the ladies.

Who’s next? 2NE1! Dayuuuuuuuuuum I’m stoked for this album, mostly because I think no group in the Kpop world at current are quite as exciting as 2NE1. The teaser pics are FIRE. September 12th can’t come soon enough.

And the rest of the year?

October: BIG BANG!

November: JINUSEAN! (hopefully)

December: 1TYM (I can dream)

Mr. YG?

I fucking love you.

Yours truly,



bommie, big bang, and a whole lotta music

29 Oct

It’s been a week of exciting releases this week. Actually, the past month has been epic!

Releases these couple of days:

Park Bom – “You & I”
First solo single from the lead vocalist of 2NE1.  I’ve followed her for quite a while, since her Anycall days and featurings on Big Bang’s first couple of singles.  “You & I” is a very solid single. The Teddy produced track however reminds me of Taeyang’s “Where U At”.  No bad thing though.

The MV is really sweet and colourful, which I didn’t expect.  Bommie seems to only have one expression… I still love her though ! ^_^

Big Bang – Koe Wo Kikasete (3rd Japanese Single)
omfg I LOVE this song. Now i’m a huge YG/BB/2NE1 fan so I may come across slightly bias, but woaaaah this song is by far their best Japanese release.  A really smooth sound, with an emphasis on TY. Non of that auto-tune/electro crap which they’ve been putting out for most of their Japanese releases.

Seo In Gook – 1st EPSeo In Gook
This dude is the winner of Mnet’s Superstar K.  I haven’t followed the show at all.  The EP has only 3 songs, but all have a great rnb vibe.  His voice is not particularly special, I could name a dozen male korean artists who I would rather listen to singing these tracks. Nonetheless, its a very good debut, and I’ll look out for him in the future.

There’s loads of other new/recent releases that should be checked out if you have similar taste of music to me.. i just don’t have enough time to review them .. got back from work at 11pm tonight.. *sigh* >_<

A mini album by Lyn, new duo December’s debut album, 4minute releasing the MV for “What a Girl Wants”, SeeYa‘s first album after the whole Nam Gyuri fiasco, Mighty Mouth‘s “Smile”, Verbal Jint.

And for non-korean music, there’s Brian McKnight’s amazing “Evolution of a Man”, Joss Stone‘s “Colour Me Free!”, and for c-pop fans, G.E.M Tang’s long awaited debut LP “18”.

I just recently bought a 64Gb iPod Touch cuz I had way too much music for my 16Gb one, but now I’m starting to run out of space again. arghh.. gotta love music 😀