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Slightly Less Ambitious Kpop Artist Names

7 Jan

You’ve played or heard about this popular forum/twitter meme craze? Kpop is full of ridiculously over the top artist names. What if the entertainment agencies were slightly less ambitious?

Here’s some names I quickly came up with. See if you can guess who the original artist is… should be easy peasy for any kpop fan:

Music Boys Live in Average Quality

Rising Mortals from Gangnam

Puny Bang



Slightly Sparkly


Average Girls

Teen Middle of the Road

OK Junior

Fly to the Sky on a Helicopter

Cowardly Brothers

Extra Curriculum

Can you come up with any?


What I Like: KPOP

9 Sep

My first encounter with Kpop was around 10 years ago, when I noticed a Korean buddy of mine bought a shiny new Sony Discman.

“Hey man – I thought you were gonna buy one of those new music players, a MP3 player, Samsung Yepp?”

“I was. But my bro just got back from Korea. He bought me a CD. New group called Fly to the Sky. Don’t laugh man, the name sounds gay, but they are so awesome. Can’t stop listening to them”

Forget about the fact that you can burn CDs to transfer the music onto an MP3 player (Hey, we were young and technological newbs. I bought a freaking MD player. What a waste.) But I was intrigued at why my friend would spend a huge amount of money -for a kid- just to listen to music by 2 guys with the craziest hair.

Hairstyle name: Parting Mop Head

But after listening to them, it was love at first sight listen.

From there, I went onto BoA, a bit of HOT, bit of Shinhwa, god, watching X-man, Rain, Se7en, Wheesung, Tasha, JinuSean, 1TYM, Big bang (basically most of YG) etc.

Korean music is different, unique, trendy. At least compared to Chinese music. Korean music can actually be defined into different genres. There is only one type of Chinese music – Karaoke CPOP. The singers themselves are also the full package – most are multi talented: singing, rapping, dancing, acting, comedy, variety and to boot, they are HOT. No wonder the Chinese music companies are trying to replicate Korean music, and bringing in Korean coaches to train new Chinese talent.


Below is a list of my favourite Kpop artists – you can see the majority is made up of RnB and Hip Hop artists.¬† I’ve also made a list for singers that I think have a great future ahead. If they fulfill their potential, then I hope to promote them to my “Fav Kpop Artists” list ūüėÄ

Fav Kpop Artists
Big Bang, Epik High, 1TYM, JinuSean, BoA, Fly to the Sky (now Hwanhee), Wheesung, Tasha, SHINee, 2NE1, Rain, Se7en, 2PM, Younha, 4men, Brown Eyed Soul, Lyn, Gummy, god, Dynamic Duo, J.ae, Clazziquai

Ones to Look out for
One Way, 4minute, MBLAQ, BEAST, Secret, Untouchable, Navi, May Doni, Seo In Gook, Kim Yeo Hee

I listen other singers too, like DBSK, SNSD, After School, CN Blue. FT Island etc, but they aren’t my absolute favourite.

Big Bang - All sorts of awesome

I’ll create a page for these lists, which I’ll update every so often, so you can see who I think are hot right now. I don’t listen to much indie, but you have any good recommendations based on my taste, feel free to suggest some.


ninja qoobie

29 Nov

Watched Ninja Assassin today. ¬†I had pretty low expectations going into the cinema, as I’ve read some of the reviews. ¬†I came out pleasantly surprised.

If you keep an open mind on the: overuse of CGI blood, the choppy editing, and the amazingly cheesy , and sometimes comedic dialogue, the cliche’d story, the obligatory inter-racial love story which was really not needed, and the numerous plot holes… keep an open mind, and it’s a good popcorn flick.


Whilst many kpop fans are giving rave reviews on Rain‘s performance, I still found his engrish accent very evident. ¬†It seems that Rain just doesn’t have a knack for the language, compared to fellow k-celebs such as Lee Byung Hyun and BoA. ¬†However, his martial arts skills belied his pop singer origins, and he did a great job on the action scenes.

Ninja Assassin might have many faults, but go into the cinema and enjoy it for what it is.  A film that shows off some great action scenes full of gratuitious violence.

It’s a film about ninjas. ¬†How can it suck?

kpop i missed out on: brown eyed soul

21 Oct

As I didn’t really really get into K-POP until around 2005, there has been a lot stuff i’ve missed out on. ¬†Sure, I’ve seen clips of head about them, like Fin.K.L, SES, HOT and all the rest, I know who the members are and a couple of their most famous tracks (with the help of X-Man clips!) but thats about it.

One group which I only got around to listening to today are Brown Eyed Soul.  Not much to say but these guys are freaking awesome.  They have a slight similar sound to Boyz II Men, which is one of my favourite groups everrr.

As far as I know, they have only released 2 albums (one member used to be one half of vocal dual Brown Eyes РNa ul or something???).  The albums are definitely worth the purchase.

I’ll be trying to find out other singers which I’ve missed out on. ¬†At the moment, I want to check out Brown Eyes, Big Mama, CSJH, Jinusean, Rain (only got the Rainism album, which I really enjoyed) and se7en.

So much music and so little time. Loving it!

mblaq says oh yeah!

14 Oct

MBLAQ released their MV to their first single “Oh Yeah!

credit: autumnaltints

I would like to make 4 points after watching this video/listening to the song:

  1. Lee Joon got attacked by a lawn mower just before filming, hence the state of his shirt.¬†Chundoong (Dara’s lil bro) tried to help Lee Joon but epic fail’d since his shirt got shredded too and half of his jacket was eaten up.
  2. Main vocalist, G.O (mustache guy) looks like TaeYang with a mustache.
  3. “Oh Yeah” is said a total of 94 times in this track.
  4. HyunA‘s voice still irritates me.

A hit song? ¬†If “Oh Yeah” wasn’t repeated 94 times, and around 30 of those times were by HyunA, I would of reeaaaaaaally liked this track. ¬†The spanish guitars are awesome, and I don’t think I detected any auto-tune in it.

What? No auto-tune? NO WAIZ!

Nonetheless, under the guidance of Rain, these guys seem to have the looks, the moves and the voices to make it big.

Looking forward to hearing other tracks from them soon!